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At Meaningful Travel and Retreats, we’re not just vacation planners—we’re travel alchemists. Our experts turn ordinary vacations into extraordinary experiences full of moments of magnificent discovery and enduring connection. 

Our curious and open clients are seeking to add more meaning to their lives—and they know travel is an incredible way to do so. They’re ready to dive below the surface to uncover the vibrant, beating heart of a destination. 

With our connections, research, and signature planning process, we’ll reveal just that for you—and so much more. 

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Join us for each issue as I’ll share a few of my more recent itineraries. Trips that transformed the lives of those that trusted their journeys with us.

Hi, I’m Mary Lynn Mapes

I created Meaningful Travel and Retreats for the type of traveler who wants to go beyond the “typical” when traveling. Anyone can create a cookie cutter trip for you (or you can even do it online yourself!)—but my goal is to craft a singular experience that will stick with you for life.

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Travel Agency Founder

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My connections within the hospitality industry allow my team and I to build unforgettable travel experiences for our clients.

And with our personal design approach, no two trips we plan are alike. 


Welcome to a World of Possibilities

Heart-pumping adventures through indelible landscapes, cultural journeys that forge connections, culinary tours that reveal the unique flavors of a destination—come discover the range of travel experiences we can custom design for you:

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Travel with Intention on a
Custom-Designed Retreat Experience

Retreats, as opposed to “vacations,” offer a more goal-oriented experience—so you come home changed for the better. 

Whether your goal is to build stronger bonds within your company, disconnect from the hectic, tech-fueled pace of the world, or reconnect with your loved ones, we’re here to create an immersive and stress free retreat experience for you. 

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